Note to Garth Turner – I actually like you

Welcome to everyone who has clicked over from Garth Turner, the man of the glib tongue and bawdy humour, has a posting today, implying that I hate him.  :(  I’ll take this unexpected opportunity to give you some insight into Garth Turner’s character, and explain why I think he’s a likable fellow.

You are unethical. -Garth

Garth Turner sounds very indignant and full of righteous anger. He said the above to a commenter on his blog(comment #46 Market Bull on 06.17.12 at 7:54 pm).

Let me relate a true story of my dealings with Garth Turner, and you can decide for yourself if he has a right to call anyone unethical.

One of Garth’s favourite sayings is “grow some skin”

Three times I have politely asked Garth to remove defamatory comments from his blog that referred to me.  Being a busy man with lots on his plate, I assumed that in a moment of absent-mindedness he let a comment slip by, and would be willing to delete it. The third time it happened, Garth sent me this email:

Will you sue me if I don’t remove it? I think you need to grow a little more skin, Bob.

That’s pretty rich from a guy who sent me this email when he wanted a comment removed from my blog(the one and only time):

Garth Turner said: The following comment was published on your blog. It is false, fabricated and deliberately intended to discredit me. By publishing this comment about my personal actions you are endorsing and validating it. This will serve as notice of my intent to pursue action against you if it is not removed by midnight EDT, April 11. Furthermore you will apologize on your blog for having posted any and all comments which defame me. Failure to do so will result in remedial action being taken. Sincerely, Garth Turner (416)XXXXXXXX

I also asked Garth to give me some reassurance that he would be more diligent in moderating the defamatory comments, seeing as how there seems to be a consistent number of comments slipping by his delete button. He ignored my request.

One of my recent posts, Mid-year update elicited a warning from Garth, coming only a few days after suggesting I needed to grow some skin.  It was very cryptic, something about “governing myself accordingly,” and I asked for clarification but received no reply. I can only assume that he was gnashing his teeth over a photo which I re-posted from his blog and my suggestion that his predictions could have been made by a monkey.

Photo from the

Rather than argue against my ideas or predictions, Garth Turner has attacked me personally. Many times in the past, he has taken my statements out of context in order to whip his followers into a frenzy, even going so far as to allow(and presumably endorsing and validating) comments that encourage his blog dawgs to report me to CREB. For what, I don’t know. Transparency? Reporting factual information? Holding him accountable? One of his fawning sycophants actually left a comment saying that he had reported me to CREB. I wish CREB had notified me what the complaint was about.

It’s open season on me and other realtors on his blog with nasty insults and defamatory comments, yet if I dare hold him accountable, he gets his shorts in a knot. If Garth wants me to govern myself according to his standards, I’ll take a pass, as I really don’t want to lower my standards to a level where insults and personal attacks are the order of the day.

 Garth says today on his post: “And some area realtors hate me .”

Garth seems to find it difficult to accept that we’re all subject to scrutiny. Resorting to personal attacks is the last refuge of someone who has no valid argument, and saying to the nutbars and doomers* in his sandbox that I hate him is childish and an example of the thin skin he so deplores in others. Addressing the issues would be the method which is usually employed by grown-ups.

My advice: get over yourself. Learn some humility. It will bring more peace, and less angst, my friend. As for the photos you post, I’ll let this comment from your own blog be the best advice: “You end up losing credibility and looking like a creepy old undersexed man.”  What was that you were saying about moral decay?

For the record, Garth, I like you. You make realtors look like geniuses A pattern of making incorrect predictions.

*Among other names, Garth has called his loyal followers nutbars, doomers, zealots, nihilists, misogynists, wackos and pissed-off renters. These are the people who are attracted by his superior intelligence and exceptional genes.

10 responses to “Note to Garth Turner – I actually like you

  1. I’ve read Turner’s blog for some time and agree with his underlying premise which does at times get lost in the rhetoric that makes his blog so popular.
    It is unwise and unsustainable to be carrying the amount of debt most people are currently carrying. I live in Edmonton, have seen the crashes in this Province before and do not believe we are insulated though I think we will fare better than most other provinces but Real Estate will correct. Who knows by how much? The Alberta boomers who dream of Kelowna combined with the new Government and Financial Institution requirements will be the driver. Besides it’s not supposed to be easy to buy a house and many think it’s their right. I’m a retired private lender so I’m a tad jaded when looking at the amount of actual liquidity people have, which is abysmal. I don’t consider home equity liquidity. Both your blogs have a purpose and there is an in-between that only grown up adults can decide on. If they’re relying solely on any blog to make a large financial decision they are fools. As far as I can tell, you are mainly reporting numbers and offering opinions and or asking for input. I’ve not seen you write real estate prices will go up forever so buy buy buy now now now! Maybe I missed that Bob.
    I avoid the reader comments on Turner’s site as my IQ drops at a disturbingly alarming rate. In fairness, he does address the most glaring idiotic statements, occasionally.

    “I’ve not seen you write real estate prices will go up forever so buy buy buy now now now!”
    I’ve never said the “b” word on here. In fact, I called for a correction in the housing market a year before Turner started his blog. I’ve been a proponent of using caution when buying, and ensuring that people are aware of the choices and their implicatons. -Bob

  2. Hey Bob,
    Gotta love Garth, his blog has been repeating the same thing for years, I think he just rehashes the script and changes the date. For example, from his July 2008 archieves:

    “What lies ahead? As I have said, a 15% decline in the national average selling price from the 2007 peak will be with us by this time next year, and possibly sooner.””

    OOOPS… that didn’t happen.

    Even if his predictions eventually come true, anyone who has been taking his advice in the last 5 years will never see a price correction that will bring prices back to levels from 5 years ago, when he was saying to exit the market. They missed the boat and it ain’t coming back.

  3. Yes I know you haven’t Bob. I was being facetious. Simply because I’ve never bothered to comment here before doesn’t mean I don’t read.
    Grow some skin Bob!

    LOL. Thick skin, thin skin, it doesn’t matter. I’ve obviously gotten under his skin. -Bob

  4. Don’t forget about the Amazons! Dude’s got Amazons! :D

    He’s created quite the fantasy life for himself. -Bob

  5. I think it’s interesting to note that Garth makes his money flogging his books that tout his investment advice and by investing other people’s money for a fee. People only have so much money to invest and he doesn’t profit if people invest their money in real estate. However, he would if they “somehow” chose to invest that same money with him instead. What better way to influence that decision than to constantly denigrate the most popular investment vehicle that Canadians have traditionally embraced.

  6. Price in and around Calgary will never go down because there is work. Who waits and thinks that the price will drop, greatly mistaken. Now we need to have a talent for finding very good real estate such as home price 420K between the houses whose price 600K-650K!!!!!!! Very very hard ,but possibly.

  7. People seem to forget that time is more important than money. Unlike money you are only given an average of 70 years to live on this planet. Those who have been following Garth and Squidly’s advice since 2006 when “everything was going to crash”, have missed out on a lot of things. They lost 5 years of their lives renting and waiting for “the big crash” that never came. Now, older and jaded, they likely have the greaterfool blog set as homepage when they open their browsers…. addicted to the never-ended barrage of biased real estate related posts professing the downfall of home prices in Canada.

    Memo to real estate bears and traditional logical economic folks:
    -USA prints money and has super low rates
    -Europe prints money, lowers rates to less than 1%
    -Britain announced they are printing 50Billion more pounds just yesterday
    -China prints money, lowers rates to lowest its been in 20 years

    The world is printing money and inflating prices for everything, including real estate. Sure, in some countries prices have fallen, but Canada is too solid and stable politically. Money is pouring in from everywhere to invest in Canada. Why do you think our bonds are so low yield? Everyone and anyone wants to invest in stable countries now. Rates are low for a reason in Canada. We are THAT good of a nation…. ACCEPT IT.

  8. Decided to read Garth’s post from your link above. I only read the first few and even he seems somewhat reasonable. He’s obviously bearish but he does mention that “a price drop is entirely possible in Toronto but not a collapse”. Of course I guess that also depends on how you interpret price drop and collapse.
    I haven’t been following the Calgary market for a while and was surprised to see that we have such a low inventory this time of the year. I wonder if/when it is affected by the new mortgage rules and how much of a effect it will have. It’s early but so far it the numbers still look pretty strong.

  9. Here’s Garth describing his loyal followers today: “malcontents, iconoclasts, anarchists, voyeurs, basement-dwellers and the occasional nazi who frequent this pathetic blog.” He must be proud that he can attract such a following.

  10. Quotable from Garth Turner(

    I will no longer tolerate those who decry and ridicule others because they disagree. Get used to it. — Garth

    A bully attack on another poster will not be tolerated or published. Address the issues raised. — Garth

    An example of the comments which Garth Turner allows:

  11. “…you ignorant math deprived slut”
    (Comment #46 by Retired Boomer
  12. “Garth is doing his part in telling the Canadian public the truth about those greedy, evil , criminal, uneducated , lying , dirty realtors. Criminal realtors are uneducated but are masters of propaganda and lies.”
    (Comment #31 by spread the truth bloggers

    “These RE salespeople should be lined up and shot.”
    (Comment #52 by bigrider

    “Kicking (Flaherty) in the balls–Repeatedly!!”
    (Comment #7 by Dark sad person

    After allowing the above comments, Garth Turner apologizes to a realtor who he criticized:

    UPDATE: Mary Cleaver disabled her video on Saturday following the publication of this post. This came after offensive comments were posted on her YouTube account. If those comments were the work of visitors from this site, I am truly disappointed. I called Ms. Cleaver on Saturday night to apologize… — Garth

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