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Truth and justice prevails. I sued Gary Bench ( aka Squidly77 ) for defamation. He apologized and settled.

Masked man at computerOver three years ago, I commenced a lawsuit against an anonymous blogger. He went by the name of Squidly77 and was posting statements which were defamatory and damaging to me personally and to my real estate business. I tracked him down(a fascinating story in itself), and when I unmasked him, it turns out his real name is Gary Michael Bench. This person was completely unknown to me previous to this lawsuit.

Holding Gary Bench (aka Squidly77) accountable for his lies and receiving a public apology was a matter of principle for me. 

Mike FotiouMany of the things he was saying were outright lies.  It finally went to trial, and when it was his turn to take the stand, he chose to settle the matter “out-of-court.” He issued an apology and signed an Agreement. At the request of Gary Bench,  I agreed not to disclose the terms of the Agreement and settlement. My original statement of claim was seeking approximately half-a-million dollars in damages from Gary Bench.

Gary Bench’s apology (Gary Bench was known to the blogosphere as Squidly):

Apology from Gary Bench******