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First-time buyers have been busy

It’s been said that the future of the housing market depends on first-time buyers, and it stands to reason that the market requires a healthy supply of entry-level buyers to enable the move-up buyer to sell. According to the latest statistics, the future looks terrific.

Compared to last year, April sales to first-timers are up 63%.


April 1 – 26 market update

We started seeing more homes being listed this month, but sales have increased even more. Over the past two days, 13% of SFH have sold for list price or higher.

Compared to the 3-year average,

  • Sales are up 29%
  • New listings are down 3%
  • 30-day median price is up $17,000(+4.2%)
  • Inventory is down 19%

Tear-down sells for $905,000

A home in Scarboro slated for demolition sold yesterday for $55,000 OVER list price. It was listed at $850,000 and was only on the market for two days.

Over list price Continue reading


We’ve seen four consecutive months of higher sales and reduced inventory. What will the consequences be? Continue reading

21% sell for list price or higher

Buyers are bidding up the prices of single family homes in Calgary. Yesterday, with 72 total sales,  15 sold for list price or higher, with 11 actually going OVER list. Continue reading

April 1 – 15 market update

Sales continue to increase despite a shortage of listings. Compared to the 3-year average, for single family homes

  • Sales are up 14%
  • New listings are down 8%
  • 30-day median price is up $11,000(+2.7%)
  • Inventory is down 20%

From the trenches: Stubborn and unrealistic sellers

I was doing some spring cleaning today and came across an evaluation from May 2011.

I evaluated a home at $415,000, but didn’t get the listing. Curious to see Continue reading

First-time buyers up 32%

Over the past 30 days, compared to 2011, first-time buyers have been extremely active in the Calgary SFH market. Continue reading

April 1 – 10 market update

Sales are still higher than at any time in the past four years. New listings are struggling to keep up with demand. Yesterday, 10% of the sales went for list price or higher.

Compared to the 3-year average, Continue reading

A very rare occurrence in Calgary

The 1926 bungalow in Roxboro sold in one day for $1,110,000 which was $160,100 over list price. The floor area was 1098 sq ft. Continue reading