A very rare occurrence in Calgary

The 1926 bungalow in Roxboro sold in one day for $1,110,000 which was $160,100 over list price. The floor area was 1098 sq ft.

The average price per sq ft in Calgary over the past month is $297/sq ft. In Roxboro, the average price per sq ft over the past year for bungalows is $747. This phenomenon occurred only two other times in the past year.


3 responses to “A very rare occurrence in Calgary

  1. Garth Turner thinks High River is part of Calgary. On his latest post, he relates a story from a person who lives in High River with an underwater condo and made it sound as if they were in Calgary. He refers to High River as “greater Calgary.” I’ve never heard anyone use that term.

    He’s trying so hard to find some “crash” in the Calgary market that the only way he can do it is by misleading his followers. He’s big on passing judgement about people’s ethics. Similar to Squidly, the things he most despises in others are all too present within himself.

  2. Dame Edna;
    I will be posting an update on that issue in the near future. Thanks for your concern.

  3. According to the pending sales, we should see quite an uptick in sales over the coming week. Today, there are 347 SFH pendings. Last year on this date, there were 279. Don’t forget, last year all pendings were reported but this year, it’s optional.

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