Condo sells for record $8.99 million

Artist rendering of The Rivers condo project

The most interesting part of this news story for me was this comment from Chris Bourrassa, chief operating officer of 26th Avenue River Investments Inc.,

“He said many of the buyers are business leaders who have vision and can see  the economy moving in the right direction.

Calgary is very strong and they can just foresee that now is the time to  move on some of these things…

Movement back into Calgary — in the form of transfers from international  corporations — is also a trend worth noting.”

Read more Luxury Elbow river condo sells for $8.99 million

Not on MLS

Take note, this condo was not listed on MLS and will not affect the average price. If it was factored in to the 30-day condo stats, the average price would be $309,000 rather than the actual $295,591.

What’s the condo fee?

A different unit in the same building is listed on MLS for $7,990,000. The condo fees are $3,834/mo.

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