In 282 years, Calgary home price will be $276,776

The Plunge-O-meter guy comes up with some totally bizarre predictions. He won’t be around to be accountable, but he predicts in the year 2294(yes, that’s 282 years from now), the average price in Calgary will be $276,776. It will drop an average of $66/mo for 3383 months.

By comparison, he predicts the demise in Edmonton will be quick. In a short 23 years, Edmonton’s average price will be $216,187.


3 responses to “In 282 years, Calgary home price will be $276,776

  1. Bob! I’ll be almost as old as you by then! 🙂

    Except I’ll be cryogenically frozen, to catch this great opportunity!

    I’m burying shotguns and squirrel food as we speak! My bank account well have so much compound interest!

  2. I finally looked at that chart on a computer and not a Smart Phone. I never even attempted going over the calculations.

    As bearish as I am, this chart is absolutely ridiculous. It makes as much sense to think that housing prices will continue to go down, as it is to think that they will always go up! The only reliable statistic, to determine where prices should be, is long term averages.

    In the new today, there’s a lot of flat-line, to bearish opinions about the Canadian economy today. I’m reading up and absorbing as much as I can.

    Have a good weekend all!

  3. Pretty sure that’s not an estimate. It’s based on what he thinks the average house price should be, and the current rate of decline. If you check next month you’ll see the price support date for all cities will have changed again, based on the new rate.

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