See you in the spring

As I’ve been doing for the past many years, it’s time to head for the mountains for the winter.  We’ve been skiing for 10 days already and there’s lots of snow on the way. We’re lucky to have such wonderful winters in Alberta.

It’s been a surprising year in the Calgary real estate market. Expectations early this year were for a downturn. We had a shortage of inventory, but I expected the usual influx of listings in the spring would alleviate that problem. It didn’t occur, and provided inventory remains low, I don’t expect anything dramatic to happen. Every major market is experiencing drops in year-over-year sales except Calgary.

I appreciate all the feedback and comments which you’ve provided over the past nine months. In the mean time you can find me at


5 responses to “See you in the spring

  1. Have fun, Bob! Going to miss you! Seriously, it’s nice to have those updates with a picture & comment of, “compared to 3 year average”. Thanks! I don’t post but always go to your site (as you can tell)! 🙂

    Thanks! Now that I know someone is reading them, I’ll continue to post the “3-year avg” stats at the end of every month on this page: -Bob

  2. Will miss your blogs Bob, but glad you’ll keep updating the numbers. Guys like Andrew, what do you say? You report the stats, but he thinks he knows what’s good for people. And on a side note, even Garth and Ben, 2 real estate bears, have said Calgary’s not going down in the near future.

  3. Thanks for the great stats! have a good winter.

  4. There is a nutter in every crowd, Andrew?.
    I like your blog Bob. Stats that are accurate and straight to the point. Keep it up.

  5. Thanks Bob. I have been your loyal reader for almost 5 years. Don’t get hurt by people’s offensive comments, rather, leave them here. We then have the opportunity to comment back later on:” see, what did you say? ”
    Have a good trip.

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