Bad news for renters

NenshiMayor Nenshi predicts the rental vacancy rate could come close to zero

This is not just bad for renters, but I also believe it’s bad news for Calgary in general. If people can’t find suitable, affordable accommodation, we’ll soon see a lot of negative fallout such as higher prices for home buyers, an exodus of people for more affordable locations, lower in-migration, students without accommodation, and a flood of pets at the animal shelters.

From the Calgary Herald: Calgary and Edmonton had the lowest vacancy rate of any major Canadian city in April, at 1.2 per cent, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. Calgary rents jumped by more than seven per cent over a 12-month period, the biggest annual rise in Canada, as the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment reached a record $1,202, CMHC reported.

Tammy Panchuk, who owns 40 rental units with her husband, said they don’t have any vacancies now, and when there are openings they advertise on only one website because the inquiries become “overwhelming.”

Calgary is now among the fastest-growing cities in North America, according to new civic census data released this week, and Panchuk expects the narrowing rental market will force many would-be renters to buy instead.

“I deal with a handful of investors,” the Calgary real estate agent said, “and none of them have any vacancies whatsoever, and if they do they are snatched up just like that.”

If we had the lowest vacancy rate in April, I shudder to think what it will be now, after the flood. Read more Rental market worries rise in Calgary


One response to “Bad news for renters

  1. Turner is now giving out free parenting advice since his financial advice is so poor. A couple were in his office and refused to sell their house because their Son was still living with them. GT advised to sell and invest their money through him so he could take his %.

    His advice as they were leaving his office was to kick the kid out.

    “Financially, it’s indefensible. The kid should go. He’ll find a way to survive.”

    Nice work gartho – break up their family so you’ll make some cash selling them ETF’s that they could buy from any bank for free.

    People are so stupid to follow this guy and actually turn over their life savings.

    Now that is scary!

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