Calgary housing prices and sales on the rise in September

Only three days ago, we read in the Calgary Herald, Calgary housing prices and sales on the decline in September. This headline made front page news on the doomer blogs.

The bubble bloggers took this as a sign that Calgary was joining Toronto and Vancouver on the road to real estate Armageddon. What a difference 3 days can make. I can guarantee that you won’t be seeing any links posted to my headline on the fearmonger’s blogs. They’re not interested in enlightenment or accurate statistics. They prefer to reinforce their agenda with selective data which reinforces their group-think.

What should be of greatest concern is that the housing market in Calgary has a shortage of listings. Inventory is down 23% compared to last year. Can you imagine how much higher the sales increase would be if there was a better selection of homes for buyers?


3 responses to “Calgary housing prices and sales on the rise in September

  1. Bob, can you address reports of leaky condos in Calgary?
    Seems like many were built sub par, i.e. thin stucco, etc.
    Your advice?

    Mike Fotiou has covered this topic on his blog – Bob

  2. These doomers are such a pain..–canada-s-housing-crash-begins

    Anyone reading my blog knew that Vancouver’s downturn was a foregone conclusion. I noticed the article didn’t mention Calgary. What do you think will happen here? Will the Calgary market “crack,” and by how much? -Bob

  3. So we’re going to ignore the current information and just look back to last year and the year before and the year before etc… and ignore the obvious trends that are reflected in the numbers?

    Remember, these numbers are coming from CREA not the MSM.

    (deleted) now that the MSM sees RE cooling they have somehow become the evil enemy of RE agents. What’s their motive? What’s your motive in constantly reporting that everything is puppies and lollipops?

    My readers would be interested in knowing what “obvious trends” you are talking about for Calgary? I think it’s amusing to see how doomers are saying CREA’s numbers are accurate now that the decline in sales fits their agenda, and how the media is now their friend after saying they were unreliable stooges of the real estate industry. My only motive is to enlighten my readers as to the truth about Calgary’s real estate situation because they sure won’t get it from the media or bubble bloggers. If you want your comments to appear in their entirety, please don’t ascribe feelings to me for which you know nothing about. -Bob

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