Calgary experiences increased sales despite fewer listings

Two weeks into September, and still no signs of a crack appearing in the Calgary housing market.


2 responses to “Calgary experiences increased sales despite fewer listings

  1. As I’m new to Calgary, I’ve noticed a lot of acreages from 1 + million in Bearspaw, Springbank, and Elbow Valley for sale. Are these listings included in inventory, and if not what affect would these have on inventory, and are these listings selling. Thanks.

    I don’t follow acreages, but here’s a few stats. On the west side of Calgary, which would include the areas you mentioned, there are 174 active listings over $1 million. 8 have been sold in the past month, 119 in the past year(2011-2012), 111 sales in 2010-2011, and 106 sales in 2009-2010. These listings are not included in the stats which I calculate. There’s no way of knowing if the inventory is up or down compared to last year. New listings are down by 1% in the past year compared to the previous year. -Bob

  2. Prices will go up. Soon Iran will be attacked and oil prices will go up. American and British fleets are now in front of Iran. Chinese are buying so much in Canada as they see Canada secure for their money. Nobody can predict what will happen to currencies around the world when the war begins so investing in real estate in Canada, especially in Calgary, is so far OK, especially for Chinese people.

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