Market update from Dreamland

I’ve been accused of living in DREAMLAND on Garth Turner’s blog because I’m reporting statistics which don’t conform to the downward trend of sales in the rest of the country. I have no opinion on whether the Calgary market is good or bad, positive or negative. It is what it is. It depends on where you sit. Are you a buyer, a seller, moving up, or moving away? Your personal circumstances will determine how you feel. I’m not going to spin things in order to please a constituency with an agenda. You’ll be able to make a wiser decison about your activities in the market if you have the facts, and here they are:

As I’ve oft repeated in the past, if inventory stays low, it will continue to put upward pressure on prices. Sales numbers are pretty consistent with the past 3 years, but would be much higher if there were more listings coming onto the market.


One response to “Market update from Dreamland

  1. Over the past two days, 15% of sales have been for list price or higher. A home in Somerset sold yesterday for $3,100 over list price. It was listed for $319,900 and sold for $323,000, and had a conditional sale after one day on the market.

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