Calgary has the best real estate statistics in Canada

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find good real estate data when you’re buying or selling, if it doesn’t exist. I received this email from a reader who realizes the value of relevant and timely information. If anyone reading can help this Ottawa resident, please leave a comment. It sounds like a great opportunity for Ottawa realtors to help inform their community:

“After moving to Ottawa I have spent significant amount of time and effort trying to find information on Ottawa RE stats. Other then very short and dry monthly bulletins on the OREB website and highly irregular and non-descriptive posts on the websites of the local Real Estate agents I couldn’t find anything even remotely similar to information provided on your website. I even emailed OREB asking them where I can find historical RE data, but it seems like they simply ignoring my requests so far. Is there a way for non-realtor to obtain current and historic stats from the local Real Estate Board? I realize that Ottawa Real Estate Board is out of your jurisdiction, but may be you can give an idea how I can get my hands on such information? Thank you for providing Calgarians with valuable RE information.”


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