Market update Oct 1 – 7

It’s only a short reporting period, but prices and sales have made a considerable uptick for the first week of October. Will Calgary’s housing market eventually succumb to the downturns which are now occurring in Toronto and Vancouver? The cliff appears to be a lot further down the road. 

“It may be human nature to gripe, but every now and then we need to open our eyes, take a look around and give thanks for our good fortune in being able to call Alberta home”  Read more Giving thanks for Alberta


2 responses to “Market update Oct 1 – 7

  1. Thanks for the link to the article, I couldn’t agree more. I hear so many people constantly complain they wished they could back to Vancouver, Toronto or Halifax, etc. and how Calgary lacks depth and culture. Yes we are a young city but its out there, and if you have any interest in outdoor activities you can’t beat it. As far as I’m concerned go right ahead and see what kind of standard of living you can maintain when you go back home. And don’t forget all the federal money we send East.

  2. Carioca canuck aka Keith in Calgary predicts a 65% plunge in resale prices for Calgary SFH by 2017 in Garth’s latest blog:

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