Garth “FrankenTurner”

When the data doesn’t agree with your agenda, there must be something inherently wrong with it. When the data agrees with your agenda, it’s infallible. A wonderful and poignant comment was posted on the blog by my favourite character over there, Smoking Man:

#40Smoking Man on 07.03.13 at 10:21 pm

Gee Wizz garth, Franken numbers ha.

They weren’t Franken numbers last fall when we were in seasonal decline..

Definition of Franken number = when stats go against someone’s wishful bias.


One response to “Garth “FrankenTurner”

  1. What i’m seeing is capitulation in the Alberta market. Finally after countless years the inventory finally fell month over month in Calgary. It’s the same with employment down in America. Most peg the true unemployment rate around 25 percent. Today we are seeing capitulation as America worsens and people simply give up looking for a job permanently.

    Falling inventory is capitulation? FYI, inventory usually drops at this time of year. -Bob

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