Market update Jul 1 – 15, 2013

Inventory vs sales and price2

Bloodbath postponed for five years

“House-aggeddon” was supposed to have happened every year between 2008 – 2011.  No luck.

After the mortgage rule changes, a devastating crash was predicted for 2012. No luck.

A crash of biblical proportions was forecast for 2013. That one’s gone by the wayside.

Now its been delayed for another five years according to this gem from . “If so many people are rushing to lock-in pre-approved mortgage rates while home prices are still high, how bad is it going to be in 2018 when the rates are closer to 10%??? Its going to be a bloodbath!”


4 responses to “Market update Jul 1 – 15, 2013

  1. The world is in a deflationary spiral, if anything rates will be lower in five years’ time than they are now. Next year in January once Bernanke is out of office interest rates will plunge.

  2. Garth Turder is posting lies about you on his blog.

    Thanks. I’ve replied with a new posting. -Bob

  3. Garth Turner; he cannot defend his history of terrible predictions, so he pretends that he has no past earlier than 2008.

  4. Garths blog is a joke. Spends years of his life predicting a real estate crash. Moron. It’ll drop a bit but so what. 5 years blabbing about it. What a loser.

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