Garth Turner – milking the gullible

Do not readI was alerted by Jeff to a number of recent comments on Garth Turner’s blog  trashing me.  Gratuitous untruths from anonymous cretins, as usual. As I’ve said before to Garth, “if he quits telling lies about me, I’ll quit telling the truth about him.” Garth gets upset when anyone holds him accountable for his misleading statements, and his way of fighting back is with more misleading statements. He likes to dish it out, but he can’t take it. Did you know that he once threatened to sue me? For someone who regularly insults and demeans people, he’s got a pretty thin skin.

Garth TurnerJimmy posted this comment a while back about Garth Turner and his blog. It will serve adequately as my rejoinder: “This pathetic blog truly is pathetic. I’m no realtor, and in fact I myself am hoping that real estate moderates. However, your repeated reminders of how you told us this or that would happen indicate a level of narcissism. The fact is, the housing decline you’ve been leading your impoverished followers to believe would happen for years has not materialized.

Garth gets his day off to a good start by reading my blog

Garth gets his day off to a good start by reading my blog

The mortgage rules changes will not induce correction — only a rise in rates will do that, and there’s not indication its going to happen any time soon. Face it — you have a legion of bitter, low-income wannabe home owners who would delight in the economy being trashed if it would mean that they could obtain a mansion in Bridal Path for $100,000. I don’t know who’s worse: the realtors or the bitter wannabes. Or maybe you are the biggest villain here for milking the gullible masses to suit your own ends, and for letting your ego and your need to be right get in the way of your message.

It was three months ago when Gartho predicted “…the beginning of the end in Cowtown.”  Since then we’ve had stable prices and increased sales.


10 responses to “Garth Turner – milking the gullible

  1. Real estate where all the people in Canada live is eroding but hasn’t gone into a freefall yet. When the banks start calling all the zero down mortgages in Brampton and Mississauga then we’ll see exactly the same thing that happened in America with all the ninja loans in the past (Bank owned).

  2. The insane thing about Garth Turner is that he blogs quasi-daily about the same rubbish! His blog subjects focus on one thing: real estate misery for home owners. Since »March 2008!!!!!He has less than 100 faithfuls, and some are undoubtedly space cadets.
    He is a partner in some investment firm and buys real estate himself.
    That’s a twisted approach to business… especially when he is wrong on regular basis.

  3. @Tony: The majority of risky mortgages i.e. $0 down, 35 years, etc mature/d in 2012-2013, so we are in the eye of the storm right now. Still no negative effects to date. Since 2006, especially in Alberta, Van and T.O. all kinds of pseudo clairvoyants have seen R.E. crashes left, right and center. Then in spring 2009, all the phonies declared that “The” moment for a dooms day collapse was on us. Garth Turner even opened which was a one stop shop for folks who decided to literally “run to the hills” to survive on squirrel meat, etc. Four years later, still no signs of a real estate deep correction on a national scale.

  4. Bob,

    Maybe you should just ignore Garth Turner and focus on what’s going on in the market? It’s kind of embarrassing that 3 out of 4 blog posts you make reference Garth Turner; it’s like he’s running your show. I know one thing, he doesn’t reference you in 75% of his posts. What would you talk about if you didn’t bring up GT? I hear crickets chirping…

    You’ve got it backwards. This is a blog about holding Garth Turner accountable, and periodically we post market updates 🙂

    What would Garth talk about if he wasn’t insulting and disparaging realtors in 100% of his posts? I dislike having to reference Garth Turner but I’ve become fatigued with having to contact him every time he posts defamatory comments and lies about me, so I’ve decided to approach it with a sense of humour. Furthermore, when he posts misleading information about the Calgary real estate market, I owe it to my readers to set the record straight.

    In addition, for those who don’t have an agenda and actually care about accuracy and accountability, it’s important to publicize his bad predictions. It helps people decide who has credibility. Anyone who is buying or selling a house and relies only on Turner’s rantings is going into the transaction severly handicapped. How many potential buyers did he con in 2008 when he predicted Calgary average prices would drop to $200,000?

    If reading this blog is embarrassing for you, there’s a simple and easy solution. -Bob

  5. Jeff, I don’t think everyone shares your views. I checked the statistics and guess what has been the most popular post over the past 90 days? It has received more than double the views of any other: “Garth Turner misleads his readers about Calgary”

  6. Mr. Canadian Peso himself? Made a good penny with those crappy books. The best day ever was watching him leave Parliament after Harper took him to the woodshed. I think he fancied himself Prime Minister. He has glommed onto this housing thing to keep himself in the public eye and retain some sort of relevance.

    He called the housing top in March 2006….

  7. Note to Andrew: The reason your comments don’t appear is because you refuse to leave a valid email address. The phony address you provide automatically sends your comments to the trash. If you don’t have the cojones to stand behind your words, then your comments will be relegated to the garbage bin where they belong.

  8. bob great comments and usefull website. Jeff, disagree. GT is a and always has been a complete and utter blabber mouth. He is spending years trying to discredit the Cdn housing complex with the only motive to make money shilling lousy books and sell some investments.

  9. I will definitely not be using you as my Realtor, when the correction comes.

    I guess you’re not planning on buying a house for a long time? 🙂

    One of the best things about this blog is that it weeds out the potential clients with whom I do not connect. I prefer to deal with clients who are not intimidated by hearing the truth. My vetting process for selecting clients is stringent and I doubt if you would pass the test.

    You’ve visited this blog over 100 times in the past few months. Why is that? Maybe because you (secretly) want to know the facts which you won’t get on any other blog?

    I see you’ve changed your name again. -Bob

  10. The guy is totally OCD on real estate. I’ve read his blog for 2 or 3 months and half the crap he posts is proven wrong by other bloggers. He looks like such an idiot. Fun to watch a disgraced politician try to outwit Canadians.

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