Market update Oct 1 – 12, 2013

Inventory vs sales and price2


3 responses to “Market update Oct 1 – 12, 2013

  1. Sorry for the following being unrelated to the post but it was irresistible:
    From Garth Turner’s blog on 11 October…
    “That doomers are utterly, irrevocably, indelibly wrong. No debt crisis. No hyper-inflation. No rerun of Zimbabwe or the Weimar Republic. No systemic financial collapse. No failed banks. No FEMA death camps. No stock market crash. And there will never be a Canadian bail-in which steals your savings. The fear industry thrives on misinformation, hyperbole and fiction. Have none of it.”

    He pretty much summarized everything that he felt strongly about since 2008!!! Until recently… What a nice admission under guise of ” advice” to his flock. Sad.

  2. And this one ;

    ” The point is simple, and clear. The US is in recovery mode, and will stay that way. The debt ceiling debacle is political theatre. If some elected dinks come along and deliver a crisis, why waste it?”

    Recovery mode – political theatre and this from a punted finance minister…LMAO – WHAT A FOOL.

    His recommendation is to invest in the US, even though cities are going bankrupt, states are bankrupt and now officially the entire country is bankrupt and that’s where he’s telling his cult members to put their cash.

    Good one Oh wise Turdo.

    He trashes Canadians for being in debt by owning their homes, yet praises the US for being a 100 Million times more in debt with no way in HISTORY of EVER paying any of it back.

    But that’s ok cause turdo says it’s ok??!!

    (His cult members chanting in the background)

    Should I review his track record over the past 6 years? Naw – suffice it to say he’s 0 for 8.

    I look at his pic on the blog for a laugh, quickly scan his latest BS blabbering’s and never click on the comments section anymore. Total waste of time but it is entertaining to see that rude, arrogant, A Hole fall on his face week after month after year !!

    LMAO at the greatest of all FOOLS.

    Thanks for the entertainment Turdo breath.

  3. I should have been a contender.....

    His call on housing could be correct. It is everything else about the man that is repulsive. Canadian Peso, Nortel… dear God.

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